Putting young people at the center of ROBIN HOOD

Jeff Frank 
A note from Director Jeff Frank

Three years ago, when John Maclay, Joe Foust and I first began discussions about a potential Robin Hood, a central question was – how do we adapt the tale in a way that puts young people at the center of the legendary adventures? We quickly realized young people would have been attracted to the cause – desiring to be a part of the revolution, wanting to fight to make things right in the kingdom – wanting to be merry men. John and Joe took that premise and ran with it, creating something quite wonderful that speaks to days of yore, but also reflects issues that still plague us today.

At its core, our Robin Hood is a grand adventure told with humor, energy, action and verve – but underneath it are important questions. What action do we take in the face of corrupt authority? Is it acceptable to break the law to right a wrong? What makes a leader? How do people of different backgrounds unite to battle common enemies?

Our story also speaks to the power of mentorship. When young people have adults who are willing to take the time to share their wisdom, guidance and love – those young people can blossom, and the mentors themselves are richer for the experience. And finally, I love how fierce, and how respected Marian is, and I admire her efforts to model and to teach independence to the other young women in the troop. 

ROBIN HOOD, by Joe Foust and John Maclay opens Friday, February 17 and runs through March 12, 2017 at the Marcus Center's Todd Wehr Theater.

The professional actor cast of ROBIN HOOD includes: Dominique Worsley* and Domonique Champion as Robin Hood; John Maclay* as Sheriff of Nottingham; James Fletcher* as Little John; Joe Foust* as Archbishop; Allie Babich as Marian/Sir Malcom; and Tommy Novak as Friar Tuck. *Member of Actor's Equity Association

Young performers are double cast. The Sherwood Cast includes: Grace Berendt, Elliott Brotherhood, Jack Burns, Nicholas Doermann, Teddy Esten, Anna Fitzsimmons, Bree Kazinski, Taylor Loomans and Amanda Wielichowski. The Nottingham cast includes: Zora Allision, Jennie Babisch, Jacob Badovski, Dominique Hamilton, Ben Kindler, Johathan Neustifter, Alyssa Ratkowski, Camara Stampley and Ben Sturcyz.

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