First Look review: Animal Farm

by Lauren Strifling

Have you ever wondered what would happen if animals took over a farm? In the First Stage Young Company production of ANIMAL FARM you can! As soon as you enter the theater, the actors are already in their roles of animals. I was amazed by how the cast members moved, talked, and had the characteristics exactly like the animals they portrayed. The dogs kept the animals in order, the hen was perched high, and the horses were pulling the plow.
ANIMAL FARM is about a political revolution where the animals overthrow the farmer who had mistreated them. After that, things get better - at least, at first. The animals come up with a set of rules that can be summarized as “All animals are equal” and “Four legs good, two legs bad.” But as time goes by, the pigs try to take power away from the other animals. The other animals get frustrated, and they start fighting among themselves. Who will prevail: The strongest? The smartest? The bravest? It was interesting to see how the animals adapted, reacted, and changed with the revolution. You will be amazed by the ending, when the true moral of the story becomes clear.
Matt Daniels (Director), Madelyn Yee (Scenic Designer), and Kristina Sneshkoff (Costume Designer) did an excellent job, as did Marisa Abbot (Lighting Designer), Matt Whitmore (Sound Designer), Julia Xiong (Stage manager) and all the Young Company performers. Their combined efforts transported everyone into the world of ANIMAL FARM. Whether or not you’ve read the book, the play will be very thought-provoking. My father said that it made him want to read the book again, and even my younger brother said he liked it. Although the play is intended for ages 12 and up, my whole family enjoyed being on the farm.

Young Company cast “became” the animals they played, and taught us an important lesson in the process.  I highly recommend seeing the production Animal Farm at First Stage.

Reading, writing and drawing a just a few of our reviewer Lauren's favorite things. Thank you for your review of ANIMAL FARM!

ANIMAL FARM concludes the Young Company's season. Please save the date for 2017-2018 Young Company performances: THE SKIN OF OUR TEETH (December 8 - 17, 2017) and Shakespeare's HENRY V (March 9-24, 2018).

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