First Look review: JUNIE B. JONES IS NOT A CROOK

by Jonah Bertram
Jonah (right) and his little brother Jack.

First stage is currently performing JUNIE B. JONES IS NOT A CROOK, and it’s amazing!

The play was just like how I imagined it, and the background was perfect for this play. It reminded me of when I was in fourth grade, and read the book, “Junie B. Jones and the Tale of a Fourth Grade Nothing.”  I loved how the actors spoke, as if they were actual kindergarteners. Throughout the whole play, I enjoyed it. In fact, everyone laughed at least once during this play, and the audience was packed. The way that the actors acted out the play was very good, and how they went into intermission got me very excited to watch the rest of the play. The play was really easy to understand at all times, and the ending tied great with the whole play. The ending was perfect just the way it was.

I have a little brother named Jack. He is five years old, and this play is for kids around his age. He enjoyed the background with the lights and how they changed color. He really enjoyed when the kids would talk like they were actually kindergarteners. He also enjoyed the animals that were on the background, and he thought that it added to the kindergarten classroom setting. He also liked when the pictures fell from the ceiling. He thought that the characters did a great job of acting out this play.

This story teaches some great lessons for all people at any stage in life. It taught my brother that the rule is not always “finders keepers, losers weepers.” It also reminded me that when you loose something you feel bad. If you are the one that finds something, you should always try to return the item to its rightful owner or to the lost and found. Finally, it reminded me that it should not matter what you wear or how you act, it just matters that you are what you are and people should respect that.

JUNIE B. JONES IS NOT A CROOK continues at the Marcus Center's Todd Wehr Theater through June 4.

Thank you to 13 year old Jonah for this review of JUNIE B.! Jonah enjoys seeing plays, sharing his ideas and writing about them.

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