Mark Hare's Storybook Village enchants all ages!

6:03 PM

Who doesn't love a stroll down memory lane during the holiday season? Last week, a bunch of us from First Stage took a little field trip to the M&I Bank Lobby to view their famed Storybook Village. What a delight! Hundreds of Steiff animals, outfitted and installed by our very own Mark Hare along with our very own Mel Benson live together in harmony amidst castles, snow-covered pines, and shimmery moats. We were enchanted. Please, find a child or a friend and go see this delightful display that is straight out of Bedford Falls. It is one-of-a-kind. It represents over 1000 hours of manual labor. And it is free.

M&I 2009 Holiday Display
Downtown M&I Bank Lobby
770 N. Water St. (corner of Water and Wells)

9 am to 8 pm weekdays
9 am to 4 pm weekends, Christmas, New Year's Day

(Closed after 1 pm on Dec. 12 & 24. Closed after 5 pm on Jan. 4.)

Photos taken by Mithra Ballesteros

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yellowkaryn said...

Such impressive workmanship & attention to detail!

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